About Me



Dakotah has been playing piano since the age of three, and has been a performer and composer for ten years. His wide range of instruments include piano, guitar, percussion, drum-set, and flute. When Dakotah entered 4th grade, he began playing as part of the instrumental music program at Elk Creek Elementary playing the flute. This is what started the cycle of him learning additional instruments. When he entered middle school in 6th grade, he joined the school’s orchestra. This gave him the skills and musical theory education that kickstarted his interest in persuing music as a career. In 7th grade, he auditioned for and was accepted into the school’s jazz band. He played in it for two years until enterering high school, where he hit the ground running by joining the CHS Lobo Regiment marching band. Performing with the front ensemble, he was awarded section leader after only two years. In high school, Dakotah also joined orchestra for his freshman and sophomore years. In junior year, he enrolled in orchestra, and participated in all three ensembles his senior year . He was awarded the Louis Armstrong Outstanding Jazz Performance Award as well as the CHS outstanding performer award for Orchestra.

Dakotah maintains a 3.6 gpa, and has been a member of the National Honor Society and Kiwanas Key Clubs, serving as an officer in both.

Dakotah graduated high school May of 2012 and is attending the UNC School of Music, majoring in composition with an instrument emphasis of Piano and Percussion. Whenever he composes or arranges a piece, it will be uploaded here for download as well as to his youtube channel which is available in the sidebar.

Along with music, Dakotah has a major interest in graphic design and currently serves as the Design department head for the UNC Claw Magazine. They create two magazines per semester about the arts and entertainment around UNC. He also designs logos, t-shirts, and websites in his spare time. Use the contact form to talk to him about utilizing his design services.