Arena Of Alatar

This map is an arena with different modes and difficulties. You choose whether you want to play with mobs, or against your friends.


  • Awesome Architecture
  • Single Player or Multiplayer Support:1-8 Players
  • Fully Resettable
  • PvP or Mob Modes
  • Three Difficulties
  • Store for Upgrades
  • Command Blocks are Used
  • Over 50 hours of work
  • 11 Rounds
  • Three lives system for each player

PvP OR Mob Arena?
Yes, this game can be played with or without mobs.

Game Modes and Difficulties:
Mob Mode: This mode has 11 Rounds, and every person has three lives.
PvP Mode: This mode has no rounds, and every person has three lives.

Easy Mode: This mode has Zombies, and Zombie Pigmen.
Medium Mode: This mode has the previous mobs as well as creepers, and skeletons.
Hard Mode: This mode has the previous mobs as well as spiders, and cave spiders.

There is a store in which you can upgrade your armor, weapons, and food. It uses your XP Levels.

1st Update – Version 1.1 on January 8th. The things included:

  • More Balanced Spawners with the top and bottom area.
  • Winner Announcer for Mob Mode
  • Official Winner system with Automatic Game Reset
  • XP as time goes on for PVP mode so you can get updates.
  • Various Bug Fixes. Redstone is now more reliable
  • Get a new sword when you die.
  • Players are now alerted if they are eliminated after dieing three times.
  • Inventories are cleared when you die

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