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Create Platforms Filter

Screenshot 2014-05-30 08.53.20

This filter simply creates a platform centered around the one by one selection that you have selected. Watch the video to learn how to use the various options.


This map is not released yet. If you would like for it to be released early before I finish the play-through, please vote below!


Should I release the SkySurvival Map before Djimusic finishes playing the map on the channel?

Setblock Command Block Filter

Screenshot 2014-05-21 03.04.01This filter coverts regular command blocks into command blocks that set the command of a different command block. I use this for when I have to update a specific command block depending on the specific options that have been set up for a minigame.

Simple to use. Simply select the coordinates for the command block you want to set to the command currently in the command block you are running the filter on and press Filter.

Auto-Smelt System

This system provides a message onscreen when you break the items as well as providing auto smelt capabilities to your world. Simply Import this into your world with MCEdit, and restart the clock for it to work.

You will need to create some objectives for this to work. Run the following commands:

  • scoreboard objectives add oreSmelt dummy
  • scoreboard objectives add breakDiamond stat.mineBlock.minecraft.diamond_ore
  • scoreboard objectives add breakIron stat.mineBlock.minecraft.iron_ore
  • scoreboard objectives add breakGold stat.mineBlock.minecraft.gold_ore


UHC Lobby for 14w20b

This lobby converts a regular survival world into a completely functional UHC plugin.

Simply import this schematic above 0 0 at the top of the world around height level 250.

Simply update two command blocks that are defined in the video above, and the map will work.



  • No Natural Regeneration
  • Three different options for the World Border: Always Shrinking, Shrinking every 30 mins, and Static
  • Mark Timer every 20/30/60 minutes
  • Up to 8 Customizable Teams
  • Is Able to work in any world.
  • Solo or Team Playing Modes
  • Choose your Teams or Random Teams
  • Countdown, Heal players, and Scatter Players all built in
  • Capability for Auto-Smelt


Download Schematic:

UPDATED May 22, 2014 – Added More options for the World Border. Added Auto Smelt Capability if enabled. Cleaned up the Redstone. Converted Say Commands to Tellraw.

Book to Command Block Filter

Screenshot 2014-05-21 03.02.07

This filter converts a book in a chest to a give command that gives all players the book that you put in the chest.

To use:

1) Put book in chest.
2) Run Filter on chest
3) All books will be converted into a command block with a command inside of them that will give all players the book when activated.

UPDATED 5/20/14 – Added support for Summon Command, Writable books, and conversion of written to writable.


Thanks for saying yes 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my wonderful story. I wanted to ask you in a personal way that was also creative, so I figured I would write a story and music to go along with it. All of the music was also composed and performed by me.


Can’t wait to go to prom with you!

-Dakotah Intriglia

Say to Tellraw Filter

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.58.18 PM


This filter is designed to convert say to tellraw commands. It also works with tell commands. It was a plugin request from qwertyuiopthepie for this map that he is currently working on updating for 1.8. It is easy to use, but watch the video to learn all of the functionality.

UPDATED 5/20/14 – Added support for Player selectors due to 14w20b adding the support for the selector tag in a tellraw command. This filter now should work with any say command that you try to use it with.

Builder Wars


You’re given 2 stacks of building blocks to build your best Fortress or Sky-base to survive the fight before the wall drops. When the wall falls, you and your team has to fight and be the last person to stay alive. If everyone on a team is dead, the other team is pronounced the winner. The fight quickly becomes an intense battle of bows, flying arrows, swinging swords. Read more

Fix Hopper Timers Filter

Fix Hopper Timers

This filter fixes the hopper timers that duplicate their contents when the chunks are in the process of reloading. Simply select the hoppers affected by the bug, and click Filter