Builder Wars


You’re given 2 stacks of building blocks to build your best Fortress or Sky-base to survive the fight before the wall drops. When the wall falls, you and your team has to fight and be the last person to stay alive. If everyone on a team is dead, the other team is pronounced the winner. The fight quickly becomes an intense battle of bows, flying arrows, swinging swords.

You spawn at the edge of your build platform. When the game starts, You are given building blocks and a pickaxe. As the timer on your XP bar counts down, you build anything from barracks on ground level to a sky-base that touches the ceiling. When the timer reaches zero the wall separting the two teams’ sides falls and everyone loses their tools, and receives a bow (Infinity I), iron sword, wooden pickaxe, and an arrow. The battle then begins!

For every minute during the battle period, everyone receives two more building blocks to use for fortification or bridging over to the opponents. There is also a chance at the end of each minute for a target on the back wall to become active. When active, the targets on the back wall light up. These targets can trigger TNT cannons on the opponents side causing serious damage to their base. The other target can give everyone on your team a random item. These items can be iron armor, ladders, or many other powerups to help you and your team out. To activate the targets, the team should hit the target on the opponents side.


  1. Kill Counter
  2. Live System
  3. Kings Show up on Scoreboard
  4. Huge Build Projects
  5. 4 Separate Maps
  6. Six Classes along with King
  7. Used to have 70,000+ Command Block
  8. Death match after 10 minutes
  9. Fully resettable
  10. Has powerups for the teams to gain in battle.


  • 2.0 – Mar 20, 2014 – Added Deathmatch after 10 minutes; Added Explosive Snowballs; Re-did the TNT Canons to fire faster and more accurate; Made Arena completely resetable; Fixed a lot of bugs;
  • 2.5 – Mar 24, 2014 – Fixed a few bugs; redid the start, armor, and reset system to be more reliable; added the ability to get blocks back after you break them; Made it reset your progress if you build out of the arena; Made Build Timer timer count down when it is about to run out.
  • Planned for future update – Creative mode build phase; Custom time limits for build phase.


Good luck and happy fighting!