Castle Control

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This custom map is a PVP arena that is redstone intensive and requires 4 – 16 players. The objective of the map is to capture both your own tower as well as your opponents tower before the other team gets both towers. To play this game, you ideally should at least have 4 players, but any amount of players will still work.


  • Two intense parkour towers that test your agility as you race to capture the point at the top
  • Battle against the other team to beat them to the top
  • Command Blocks are used to alert the players when major events have happened
  • Self-reseting for everything except for the chests hidden around the map
  • A huge scoreboard so you can check the status of the towers at anytime.
  • Self-assigning teams so they are even, and completely random every time.
  • [3.0] Game lobby – now has choose your own teams and random option for teams.
  • [3.5] Vote to reset game system if a new game is needed.
  • [4.0] I’ll be adding reseting chests, and team group changes for your team.


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How To Play:
When you first join the server or open the map, your player will be teleported to the starting room. When ready to start the game, click the button and every player will be placed in a team. They will then spawn in their team’s side of the center building. When everyone is ready to start the game, two players should stand on the blocks in front of their castle’s doors. When all 4 locations are activated, the game will begin with a countdown starting in the chat.Once the match has started each team has a couple of options. Everyone could go after capturing their own tower, or some people could hold back and wait for the center doors to open. The center doors allow for each team to have a 2 minute head start to attempt to capture their own tower. After two minutes, the doors open allowing the teams to go after both towers. The first team to capture both towers is the winner.

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