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Flag Hunter

Flag Hunter

This map is a PvP map, which features two teams. The objective of this map is to capture the flag (sunflower) and return it back to the designated place in your base to earn a point for your team. The flag will spawn in random locations throughout the map, and must be found before being obtained. Once a team has returned it back to their base, it will respawn and the flag will be available once again. If a player dies with the flag, the flag will be reset, and the flag will once again be available for capture at a random location.

Once the map has been loaded, players can either select a team, or be randomly assigned to a team. Once the teams have been selected, three random maps will be chosen to vote on. Players will then get the chance to vote for the map they would most like to play on. The map with the most votes  will be chosen.

When players are in the game they must capture the flag, which randomly spawns throughout the map. Once a player returns in to their base. They get a point, and the play resets. When a team reaches the preassigned amount of points, the game ends, and the game resets. Some maps are vast, and others are very hectic.

It also features voice overs using a custom resource pack available for download.




Resource Pack with Announcer Voice (Recorded by Micahsm)


Update 0:  December 29, 2013 – MAIN RELEASE OF MAP – 1.0

Tri-Fold PVP Battalion


This game is a skywarfare game in which players must try to capture and place each of the other team’s wool to win. It features an XP shop, XP pad, and powerups to better the chances for the players on any given team. Have fun, and battle it out!

The players first choose a team. Once everyone is on a team, the game begins. This game is very highly based upon strategy. Teams have a choice on how they want to play the game, and eventually lead out to victory.

When the game begins, players are thrown out at their base by their wool’s spawn point. Every team has to return with all three of the other team’s wools to gain access to the final and most difficult wool. Once a team has visited the other teams base, the player should enter the bottom quadrant of the base and stand on the colored block for the corresponding team. This will give the player a wool. In order to capture it, the player must escape the enemy’s lane, and place it back on his or her own team’s monument to gain a capture. Once this is done with all three enemy wools, the game will remove the bedrock to open the final wool container located in front of the monument.

The final wool is obtained in the very center pad. This pad has to be held by a single player and the rest of the team has to defend him. If he or she holds the pad for the entire capture time, he capture the monument, and receives the final wool. He must then bring it back to the team’s monument to win the game.

The game features two XP pads which both do the same thing. If one person on the team is on the pad, everyone gets 2 XP per second on the team. If two or more are on the pad, everyone on the team gets 4 XP per second. The levels can be used to enchant in the enchanting booths above each of the pads, or in the store to buy stock and already enchanted items.

Handicap roomThis room is designed to provide an extra challenge or to give a team better gear if they have less people.
While in the lobby, enter the branch on the straight ages when you spawn and enter the room. Select a team to get the gear, and the gear you would like, and click start. At the beginning of the round, the teams selected will receive the items and can use them for the entire round.
Ideas for uses:
*Juggernaut mode: Everyone vs a guy in diamond armor with a diamond sword.
*High armor round: everyone gets diamond armor to start off with.
*Equal Play: 4 vs 3; give the team f three diamond leggings to even out the teams player wise.
*Many More!!!

The Last Resort:The last resort is an item in the shop which enables an item which can remove all of the wools from an opposing team. It costs 15 levels. Percentages are as follows:
4 Teams:
30% – Other Team 1
30% – Other Team 2
30% – Other Team 2
10% – Destroys nothing

3 Teams: (Not Implemented yet into red stone, will use 4 teams)
40% – Other Team 1
40% – Other Team 2
20% – Destroys nothing

2 Teams: (Not Implemented yet into red stone, will use 4 teams)
60% – Destroys their wool
40% – Destroys nothing

  • Lobby Lobby
  • TriFold Arena TriFold Arena
  • Capture Point Capture Point
  • Team Wool Monument Team Wool Monument
  • 2013-12-29_22.11.03 2013-12-29_22.11.03
  • 2013-12-29_22.11.17 2013-12-29_22.11.17
  • 2013-12-29_22.09.12 2013-12-29_22.09.12



Resource Pack with Announcer Voice (Recorded by Micahsm)


Update 3 (1.6): January 2, 2013 – Made item frames indestructible; Chests in Spawn Area now regen to a new chest when rounds end;
Update 2 (1.5): January 2, 2013 – Modified the Last Resort; added Handicap/Loadout Changer; Made Carpet in enchanting pads respawnable; will change Last Resort percentages; Modified Arena look; Added fireworks when map ends;
Update 1 (1.1): December 30, 2013 – Added extra XP pad, and Speed pad, Added THE LAST RESORT
Update 0 (1.0): 
 December 29, 2013 – MAIN RELEASE OF MAP

Minigame and Void – Map Template

This is the world that I use for building a new mini game. It is based off of a floating sand world. I removed the sand for the immediate distance away from spawn at 0,0. If you need more space,  place a block on the sand and fly/teleport straight up while looking up. DO NOT DO THIS IN SMP as this usually crashes the server. You can also take the safe route and delete the layer of sand using MCEdit. I hope this comes in handy.


Empire Encounter


The ultimate game of red vs. blue!
Challenge your friends and fight to the death in up to four custom terrains.

  • Forest and Hills
  • Cave Fortress
  • Red Castle Raid
  • Blue Castle Raid

Designed for 2-20 players at a time.

Once the game begins, each team chooses their class and either picks their team or is given one randomly. Each team is then teleported to their respective fortresses and the game begins!  The object of the game is to kill the opponent’s king and only when the king dies will the game be over.

There is no time limit for the game however there are adjustable life settings for each round.  Once the king has been killed the game is over and the losing team is executed.


  1. Kill Counter
  2. Live System
  3. Kings Show up on Scoreboard
  4. Huge Build Projects
  5. 4 Separate Maps
  6. Six Classes along with King
  7. 800+ Command Blocks

Game Settings:
Adjustable Lives (1, 3, 5, 7, infinite)
King Equipment for chosen class or Default King Equipment


  • Soldier
  • Pyro
  • Archer
  • Assassin
  • Dark Mage
  • Mage
  • King

Each class has it’s own unique abilities and powers that are described in more detail here.

There are eight modes of execution or “punishment”:

  • Arrow Rain
  • Spider Swarm
  • Lava Trap
  • Water Trap
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Creeper Town
  • Trash Compacter
  • Obliteration



Good luck and happy fighting!

Hide And Seek

The idea for this map came from MrBigCowMC. It is seriously a great idea that I took and ran with.

The game is designed for 2-10 Players. I feel that the ideal amount is 6-8 Players.

When the game begins, everyone is teleported to the map choosing room. This also puts everyone into the Hiders team. Everyone on the Hiders Team is invisible and has Blue Leather Armor so the seeker can see the player, but not the name. Once the players select a map, the game chooses a seeker and teleports the hiders into the map. Read more

King Of The Ladder


Challenge your friends and fight to the death in the bloodbath that is Free for all, or the classic Red VS. Blue style to reach and hold the top of the 60-block tower.

Each player chooses, or is randomly chosen, a team (excluding when in free-for-all mode) and is spawned into a square island with a 60-block tower in the center. The goal of the game is to gain control of the top of the tower, and hold it for 120 seconds. If you fall off, climb back up and continue to hold it till you reach the glorious value of 120 seconds. Once the tower becomes contested, the points come to a halt and you fight for control. The reward for the winner?  You get to watch the losers’ burn while you boast of your victory!

Designed for 4-16 players at a time.


  1. Kill Counter
  2. Team and all for them-selves mode
  3. Random Team Generator
  4. Fully Resets
  5. Fully automated


Arena Of Alatar

This map is an arena with different modes and difficulties. You choose whether you want to play with mobs, or against your friends. Read more

Castle Control

Posted Image
This custom map is a PVP arena that is redstone intensive and requires 4 – 16 players. The objective of the map is to capture both your own tower as well as your opponents tower before the other team gets both towers. To play this game, you ideally should at least have 4 players, but any amount of players will still work.


  • Two intense parkour towers that test your agility as you race to capture the point at the top
  • Battle against the other team to beat them to the top
  • Command Blocks are used to alert the players when major events have happened
  • Self-reseting for everything except for the chests hidden around the map
  • A huge scoreboard so you can check the status of the towers at anytime.
  • Self-assigning teams so they are even, and completely random every time.
  • [3.0] Game lobby – now has choose your own teams and random option for teams.
  • [3.5] Vote to reset game system if a new game is needed.
  • [4.0] I’ll be adding reseting chests, and team group changes for your team.


Spoiler: Click to View Updates: 

How To Play:
When you first join the server or open the map, your player will be teleported to the starting room. When ready to start the game, click the button and every player will be placed in a team. They will then spawn in their team’s side of the center building. When everyone is ready to start the game, two players should stand on the blocks in front of their castle’s doors. When all 4 locations are activated, the game will begin with a countdown starting in the chat.Once the match has started each team has a couple of options. Everyone could go after capturing their own tower, or some people could hold back and wait for the center doors to open. The center doors allow for each team to have a 2 minute head start to attempt to capture their own tower. After two minutes, the doors open allowing the teams to go after both towers. The first team to capture both towers is the winner.

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