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Auto-Smelt System

This system provides a message onscreen when you break the items as well as providing auto smelt capabilities to your world. Simply Import this into your world with MCEdit, and restart the clock for it to work.

You will need to create some objectives for this to work. Run the following commands:

  • scoreboard objectives add oreSmelt dummy
  • scoreboard objectives add breakDiamond stat.mineBlock.minecraft.diamond_ore
  • scoreboard objectives add breakIron stat.mineBlock.minecraft.iron_ore
  • scoreboard objectives add breakGold¬†stat.mineBlock.minecraft.gold_ore


UHC Lobby for 14w20b

This lobby converts a regular survival world into a completely functional UHC plugin.

Simply import this schematic above 0 0 at the top of the world around height level 250.

Simply update two command blocks that are defined in the video above, and the map will work.



  • No Natural Regeneration
  • Three different options for the World Border: Always Shrinking, Shrinking every 30 mins, and Static
  • Mark Timer every 20/30/60 minutes
  • Up to 8 Customizable Teams
  • Is Able to work in any world.
  • Solo or Team Playing Modes
  • Choose your Teams or Random Teams
  • Countdown, Heal players, and Scatter Players all built in
  • Capability for Auto-Smelt


Download Schematic:

UPDATED May 22, 2014 – Added More options for the World Border. Added Auto Smelt Capability if enabled. Cleaned up the Redstone. Converted Say Commands to Tellraw.