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Chunk Loader Filter

Chunk Loaders Filter This filter is designed to utilize the chunk loading method of using hoppers to expand and smear the spawn chunks into chunks elsewhere on the map. It is simple to use once you understand the options: Y Value for Chunk Loaders – This is the Y Value that all of the Hopper chunk loaders will be placed at. They will over write whatever is in that row, so be aware where you are placing them. Toward Positive/Negative X/Z – This is the location in which you are smearing the spawn chunks. Ensure that you select the correct option, as this is the option that defines which chunk loaders to place. To load in all four directions, select all four check boxes.

Camera Studio Filter 3.0

This filter was created by Crushed Pixel and Djimusic. I edited it to add more features to make the filter better and more functional. Watch CP’s latest video to see how to use the filter.

Fill Command Creator Filter

Need to create a lot of fill commands that all change blocks in the same way? Then this filter will help you. Specify the first coordinate, hop into MCEdit, and tell the filter how many blocks you want to increase or decrease in a direction for the fill region. It will update the coordinates in the command block to make the fill command work.

Color Scoreboard Titles Filter

This filter can color, bold, italicize, strike, and underline the titles of a scoreboard objective name on the sidebar.

Convert Block IDS to Block Names for 1.8 Filter


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 7.29.34 PM

This filter is still in the beta release but I want some help testing it so see if anyone can find some problems with it. So far, it works for the setblock, testforblock, summon, and give commands. This includes data tags if you would like this to update them for Summoning Mobs holding items as well as with equipment. TileIDs do not support names yet so the filter has that code disabled. I will enable the code if Mojang enables TileID Name support in the future. Please use the data tags support of this filter with CAUTION!

To use it: Simply select a region to run the command on. It will look inside all of the command blocks to find a block ID in the proper location for each of the commands. If it finds a block id. It will convert to the item’s name.

I have also included a block look up feature so users can look up what a block Id is supposed to be without having to look online for it. Simply type the ID in the bottom field and check the checkbox above it. It will do nothing to the selected area in MCEdit, and will return a message with the item name that corresponds to the Item ID that you entered.

Fix Commands Filter

This filter fixes common typo and errors related to manual input for command blocks it can:

  • remove the slash from the beginning of the command to make every command uniform
  • remove double spaces (two or more spaces in a row)
  • remove spaces from the end of command. Anything after the last text of the command will be removed.
  • remove empty and accidentally placed command blocks that don’t have any text in them.

Find Command Block Filter

Find a command block that has a specific command in your world using this filter. It works with any command, but is designed to work with tp, tellraw, testforblock, setblock, and spawnpoint. Watch the video above to learn how to use it.

Edit Find and Replace Text in Command Block and Signs

This filter can color command block text as well as having the opportunity to set a command block’s name and commands in MCEdit. It can also find a string in a command block and replace it with a new string. Watch the video above to learn how to use it. Thanks to TexelElf for his filter that this filter is based on.

This filter is also very nice for creating command blocks in MCEdit. If you use the fill with 137 feature in MCEdit, it can cause issues with filters, so this is the best way to create command blocks without going back into the game. Enjoy!

Convert Coordinates

This MCEdit filter is designed to replace a command or group of commands in command blocks that contain choordinates into a different command. Read more