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Map Release Schedule – Feedback Needed

Hey everyone,
Hope you are finding the website as faster, and generally more reliable than the previous host. With the new website, I have started to update my Maps In Development. I have also started to think about other ways to do my channel and turn my channel into more of a map creation channel. I will still be doing my SkySurvival series as well as my Map Maker’s Guide series, but I am thinking about changing how and at what stage I release the maps. The current way that I have been doing the map releases is closer to the Completely Finish Maps option below.

Please comment below and vote in the poll below to tell me what schedule of map releases you would be interested in.

At what point in a map`s development should I release it?

Website Design Finalized

The Website is starting to take shape. I will be adding content pretty often, and this will be the main source for all of my minigames, music, and projects that I will be working on. Thank you for stopping by. If you have not seen any of my music, take a look at the Store for a free download of my latest cover.

Website Under Construction

Welcome to what is soon to be the website for Dakotah Intriglia. It is being recreated to show more about him and the various talents the he has. Stay Tuned!