Convert Block IDS to Block Names for 1.8 Filter


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This filter is still in the beta release but I want some help testing it so see if anyone can find some problems with it. So far, it works for the setblock, testforblock, summon, and give commands. This includes data tags if you would like this to update them for Summoning Mobs holding items as well as with equipment. TileIDs do not support names yet so the filter has that code disabled. I will enable the code if Mojang enables TileID Name support in the future. Please use the data tags support of this filter with CAUTION!

To use it: Simply select a region to run the command on. It will look inside all of the command blocks to find a block ID in the proper location for each of the commands. If it finds a block id. It will convert to the item’s name.

I have also included a block look up feature so users can look up what a block Id is supposed to be without having to look online for it. Simply type the ID in the bottom field and check the checkbox above it. It will do nothing to the selected area in MCEdit, and will return a message with the item name that corresponds to the Item ID that you entered.

  • MiningMick

    You have just saved my ass and an in-progress map. Thanks a bunch. You’re amazing. ^^

    I will definitely test how well this works. Will let you in on the results.

    • Horrorcow Whikinhouard

      add the word ‘replace’ to the end, and always put the data value on (use 0 if it doesn’t need one), if that doesn’t work then I have no clue.
      This also saved a project I was working on from months to mindless rewriting

  • MiningMick

    It gives me an error.. Am I doing it right? I think I am. Select and run, right? Did I miss something when installing the filter?

    Here’s what it does right now.

    Mcedit error:

    Exception during filter operation. See console for details.
    list index out of range

    In the console:

    Traceback (most recent call last)
    File “editortoolsfilter.pyo”, line 32, in _func
    File “editortoolsfilter.pyo, line 407, in confirm
    File “leveleditor.pyo”, line 3374, in addOperation
    File “leveleditor.pyo”, line 3380, in performWithRetry
    File “editortoolsfilter.pyo”, line 317, in perform
    File “C:etcMCEdit- ids to”, line 142, in perform
    IndexError: list index out of range

    No idea if this is useful at all, I just hope it is. 🙂

    • Dakotah

      Thanks for posting this. This is a known bug reported with the filter. I am looking into it now 🙂 Thanks for using it.

    • Dakotah

      Thanks for posting your console. I have fixed the bug related to the list index out of range. Re-download it and you should be able to run it once again.

      • MiningMick

        That was quick. It’s awesome that you are actually helping people with their problems. Thanks for that. 🙂

        One problem though.
        String index out of range error. Aaah!

        Same console error as last time. Last two lines are the only ones that have changed. So these are the only ones posted. 🙂

        File “C:etcMCEdit- ids to”, line 129, in perform
        IndexError: string index out of range

        • Dakotah

          That is due to an empty command block in the mix. I will add a failsafe that should prevent that from running if it is empty. Try downloading it now 🙂

          • MiningMick

            Lol I feel so stupid now. xD
            I narrowed it down to two empty command blocks and they have been deleted. I was just about to go back and edit that post so you I wouldn’t waste your time. 😛

            I will download the new one to prevent it from happening again. xD

            Thanks for all the help. You are an amazing person and I hope you have a nice day. 😀

          • Dakotah

            Glad I could Help. Please subscribe as I usually release filters weekly depending on when I need them. I also have a fix commands filter which can delete empty command blocks for you.

          • MiningMick

            Subscribing. Of course! Why did I not think of that 😀
            I’ll be keeping an eye out for any new videos then.
            I know for sure I’ll use more of your filters. 🙂

            I don’t make mistakes with command blocks that often so I don’t know if I’ll need that filter. Thanks anyways!

  • Garrett Martin

    Hey, I noticed an error… in the list of replacements, you are replacing both block and item forms of some blocks, like a repeater, which is Ok.
    The problem is that the comparator listings for block (149 and 150) are mixed with the daylight detector! All the comparators in a world I tested this on turned into daylight sensors!
    Edit: see

  • Floyd TheBarber

    I have a problem when i try to convert new 1.8 IDs (like 168 (Primarine))

    In console:

    In McEdit

  • MYitedsa