Convert Coordinates

This MCEdit filter is designed to replace a command or group of commands in command blocks that contain choordinates into a different command. You can easily take a command saying: “say @a[3,4,1,5]” and change it into “testfor @a[3,4,1,5]” This works for relatively any command that uses coordinates. It works with comma coordinates (@a[3,4,5]) as well as space coordinates (3 4 5). I demonstrate it in the video above.

Part 1 of the filter converts the beginning and end of the coordinates into +++ and === for Part 2 of the filter to check and replace with the new command.

Part 2 of the filter is used to replace +++ and === with the beginning and end of the new command. This works if it was set using Part 1 of the filter, or if you typed +++ and === in game. Download both parts of the filter below.

For Part 2, if the coordinates you are editing is supposed to have no text at the end of the coordinate, like for testfor and tp, deselect the After Text option, and it will remove the === at the end of the command.