Esyria Core Destroyer



This game is a sky warfare map in which the teams armor and gear up to take on the enemy as they attempt to capture and destroy the three power cores in the middle. There are different pads that all work to better the chances of survival.


The game begins in the lobby where players choose their team. Once all players are ready, they are teleported with a set of leather armor into the arena. Once there, Players should sleep in the bed to set the spawn point. If they do not, they will be eliminated upon death. Once the spawn point is set, a cobblestone generator should be made in order to bridge over to the temples. The temples each contain something different and can be accessed by digging straight down in the exact center of the temple. The teams eventually should make their way over to Core 1A or 1B on either side of the Final core in the center. They must destroy either one of these temples in order to gain access to the middle core. Once they destroy it, the have to destroy the middle core to WIN. If the opposing team captures both 1A and 1B, the only way to win is to destroy the opponents bed and kill off all the players. Good Luck!

The Cores:

There are three total cores in the map. The overall goal is to destroy the middle and main power core as it controls the power for the entire map. The two cores on the side are known as “Core1A” and “Core1B”. The core in the middle is referred to as the “Final Core”. In order to gain access into the final core, a team must mine ad destroy either Core1A or Core1B. This lowers the shields for the final core ONLY FOR THE TEAM that destroyed the core. When a core is destroyed, the team members have ten seconds to escape the core before it self destructs sending a massive shockwave across the map pushing all players away.

Core1A/B are made of Diamond and this is the only way for the teams to get diamonds. The Final core is made up of Obsidian so it is significantly harder to capture. Once Core 1A/B are destroyed, the core can function as a diamond spawner if the diamond blocks from the core are destroyed in combat.

Power-UP Temples:

The map features 4 power up temples on either team’s side. The temples must be activated by digging down in the center of the temple to access the room. The following Temples are included:

  • Iron Temple – Stand on the Iron block to get an iron ingot every few seconds.
  • Enchanting Temple – Contains an enchanting table for the use of players.
  • Food Temple – Stand on the Grass Block to get a piece of steak every few seconds.
  • Mob Temple – Stand on the Green Blocks to spawn a skeleton or a Spider. Can be used for XP and Mob Drops.


The map can be played up to five times without having to reset the map.

Resource Pack with Announcer Voice (Recorded by Micahsm)