Flag Hunter

Flag Hunter

This map is a PvP map, which features two teams. The objective of this map is to capture the flag (sunflower) and return it back to the designated place in your base to earn a point for your team. The flag will spawn in random locations throughout the map, and must be found before being obtained. Once a team has returned it back to their base, it will respawn and the flag will be available once again. If a player dies with the flag, the flag will be reset, and the flag will once again be available for capture at a random location.

Once the map has been loaded, players can either select a team, or be randomly assigned to a team. Once the teams have been selected, three random maps will be chosen to vote on. Players will then get the chance to vote for the map they would most like to play on. The map with the most votes  will be chosen.

When players are in the game they must capture the flag, which randomly spawns throughout the map. Once a player returns in to their base. They get a point, and the play resets. When a team reaches the preassigned amount of points, the game ends, and the game resets. Some maps are vast, and others are very hectic.

It also features voice overs using a custom resource pack available for download.




Resource Pack with Announcer Voice (Recorded by Micahsm)


Update 0:  December 29, 2013 – MAIN RELEASE OF MAP – 1.0