Happy Holidays From Dakotah

Happy Holidays!
I hope everyone is having a great couple of days enjoying time with the family they love, and even those they aren’t the fondest of. As some of you know, I am spending the holiday season in New York, so I am a few thousand miles from my home state of Colorado. I figured I would update you as to why I haven’t posted videos.

I am about to upload my 100th video and just passed my 200 subscriber mark on my YouTube Channel. I am so grateful for making it this far and am excited to continue on making more minecraft custom maps, and music videos for you guys. I have three new custom maps that are pretty much all ready for release, so be expecting them soon. If you haven’t had a chance yet, take a look at my maps page for a look at all the custom maps that I have released. I will also be posting the new ones here so check back here an on my YouTube channel.

Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays!
-Dakotah Intriglia (Djimusic)