Hide And Seek

The idea for this map came from MrBigCowMC. It is seriously a great idea that I took and ran with.

The game is designed for 2-10 Players. I feel that the ideal amount is 6-8 Players.

When the game begins, everyone is teleported to the map choosing room. This also puts everyone into the Hiders team. Everyone on the Hiders Team is invisible and has Blue Leather Armor so the seeker can see the player, but not the name. Once the players select a map, the game chooses a seeker and teleports the hiders into the map.

The Hiders have 30 seconds to hide until the seeker is on the search. There are plenty of hiding spots in each map for the hiders to stay in a location for the entire duration, or the players can roam around to avoid the hider. Depending on the amount of players, the rounds last different amounts of time:

2-3 Players: 5 Minute Round
4-5 Players: 4 Minute Round
6-7 Players: 3.5 Minute Round
8+ Players: 3 Minute Round

This is done to allow the hiders an easier chance to avoid the seekers.

Tagging a Player When Found:
When a Seeker finds a player, they simply tag (punch) the player once or twice depending on if the tag is a critical hit. The Hider will then join the Seekers team and continue to search for the rest of the hiders.

The game scores the players with two separate types of wins. There are Player Wins and Team Wins:
Player wins occur in two cases:

  • If the Hiders are not found by the end of the round, the remaining hiders get a PlayerWin
  • The original Seeker gets a win if the Seekers find everyone in the round.

Team Wins occur for either the Hiders or the Seekers depending on who conquers who at the end of the round.

  • Redstone Redstone
  • Sand House Sand House
  • Sand Castle Sand Castle
  • Forrest Forrest

Map List:
Map of Creators – The entire team that worked on this minigame
Summer Beach House – 5GamerHive (Lualdu, JAHS1, BerlinRiver, Trolling Factor, and Djimusic)
Crossroads – MrBigCow, MrSmallCow, and MrCrazedCow
In The Forest – Djimusic, Lualdu, EvanD32, Micahsm
Castle – Djimusic and Lualdu
Pure Darkness – Djimusic and Lualdu

Deluxe Cave System – Djimusic and JAHS1
Hedge Maze – Djimusic and Lualdu


Resource Pack with Announcer Voice (Provided by Micahsm)

My Bukkit plugin to disable people from removing their armor. Download it here.


Update 2:  December 29, 2013 – Updated for 1.7 – Fixed Bugs and Added Tellraw Support
Update 1:
August 15, 2013 – Updated for 1.6.4 – Fixed Bugs and improved Map Chooser.