King Of The Ladder


Challenge your friends and fight to the death in the bloodbath that is Free for all, or the classic Red VS. Blue style to reach and hold the top of the 60-block tower.

Each player chooses, or is randomly chosen, a team (excluding when in free-for-all mode) and is spawned into a square island with a 60-block tower in the center. The goal of the game is to gain control of the top of the tower, and hold it for 120 seconds. If you fall off, climb back up and continue to hold it till you reach the glorious value of 120 seconds. Once the tower becomes contested, the points come to a halt and you fight for control. The reward for the winner?  You get to watch the losers’ burn while you boast of your victory!

Designed for 4-16 players at a time.


  1. Kill Counter
  2. Team and all for them-selves mode
  3. Random Team Generator
  4. Fully Resets
  5. Fully automated